EGG Digital : Success Stories

success stories

Why do global brands prefer EGG Digital as their partner?

Ichitan X EGG Digital

We Help You Become #1

The 1st to revolutionise traditional lucky draw campaign in Thailand. Ichitan Green Tea wants to become number one in the market by using prize promotions to boost sales.

EGG Digital creates a new experience for brands and consumers via Ultra Code. By pressing a 10-digit code, consumers in Thailand can participate in the lucky draw campaign from their mobile phones with no additional service charge.

With more than 48 Million subscribers participating in the lucky draw campaign, Ichitan Green Tea successfully entered the Stock Exchange of Thailand and became #1 in the market.

Virgin Active Fitness Club X EGG Digital

The Digital World in Your Hands

Reach your digital marketing KPIs and increase number of visitors by 400%.

Virgin Active Fitness Club wants to increase number of ‘Book a Visit’ on their official website.

By creating social media contents and implementing strategic digital advertising campaigns, EGG Digital helped Virgin Active Fitness Club increase number of ‘Book a Visit’ at by 400%, earned more official page ‘Likes’ and obtained members through engaging activities with potential customers.

True Corporation X EGG Digital

Dig Deep into Customer Insights

Further enunciate your proficiency in marketing and customer relations.

True Corporation wants to create a CRM Platform to manage and store customer data.

EGG Digital offered an approach to create a fully integrated platform ‘True ID’ as a center of information for True Corporation’s products and services - enabling better communication with customers and increasing sales expeditiously.

With Single ID platform that helps keep customer data, True Corporation is able to advance in the market and prominently improve their products and services to win the hearts of their customers.