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An Innovation that Combines the Technology of USSD and SMS Services.


USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) has become one of the most effective mobile marketing tool for the interactive communication between consumer and brand across versatile purposes. The consumer can easily apply the USSD code just like calling out experience to get the promotion, participate the lucky draw with the brand or check the mobile money balance with few steps.

Ultra Code from EGG Digital is the advancement of USSD operation helping brand engage with consumer faster, easier and larger group of campaign participants.


Lucky Draw
Reform the traditional lucky draw campaign and accelerate customer engagement with the provision of daily report on participants.
Privilege Code
Create the marketing campaign by giving out the privilege to the customer without complicate operation.
Loyalty Program
Retain the relationship with customer with the loyalty program through point collection and point redemption.

More from ultra code :

• stimulate the sudden sale volume

• Increase the market share

• Grow the customer base

• Acquire customer data

• Open new business opportunity

• Open for voting to receive the voice of customer

• Membership system without investing in expensive system development

Ichitan was the 1st to revolutionise the traditional lucky draw campaign by using EGG Digital’s ULTRA CODE.

With participation rate at over 65% of Thailand’s population, the campaign became the most successful lucky draw campaign in Thailand’s history. Within just 4 years of launching the campaign using Ultra Code, Ichitan’s sales increased 750% - from 1,000 million to 7,500 million baht, with 44% market share. By 2015, Ichitan successfully became number 1 in the green tea market.
Pepsi used ULTRA CODE to compete with competitors in the market and successfully became #1.

Pepsi used Ultra Code for their lucky draw campaign (with no fee charged for participating), leading to 20% increase in sales. In the last quarter of 2014, Pepsi became 1st in the market, surpassing all the competitors holding the lucky draw campaign at the time.
Areeya offered promotions from over 100 stores to Areeya’s customers using ULTRA CODE.

Areeya used Ultra Code as a channel for customers to get privileges, such as discount coupons via mobile phones and more. Not only did this create great experiences for Areeya’s customers, but Areeya was also able to save the cost needed to invest in technical teams.

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